Lancer: Solstice Rain – Part 2

The squad heads back into the city to rescue their captain! They’ve upgraded their mechs and added two new members to the squad, but they’ll have to fight through an entire army to find the VIPs and rescue them!

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Caleb as callsign GALILEO
Maddy as callsign DAYBREAK
Chris as callsign CATALYST
Aaron as callsign RED FURY
Jason as callsign SPACE CASE

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  1. Was nice to hear the players learning the game a little better, and that the group seems to have a bit more grasp of the tactical game. Too bad the system doesn’t seem to be working out for you though (not that I was actually rooting for Lancer, just sorry you invested time in it).

    On the flat probability distribution (swingyness) of d20 rolls: I know the rppr crew in general like games with percentile dice, including some with very tactical combat (Eclipse Phase) but a percentile die has a flat probability distribution as well, so what is it about those games that makes the “swingyness” of the percentile less of a problem?

    Not sure what a complex tactical game that doesn’t require a map of some sort would look like. I remember playing a d20 glut era mecha game (IIRC, there was an After Hours review of one of the supplements) where combat was run “theatre of the mind” style at our table and I found it unsatisfying. I personally just accept that a tactical game means a map with counters/minis.

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