The Raisin: A Game of Psychedelic Horror – Playtest 1

Caleb developed a new game themed around Psychedelic Horror. A group of drug users all take a powerful new hallucinogen called Raisins. They experience a deadly trip and only one of them can survive. Keep an eye on Hebanon Game’s Patreon for future updates for this game!

Ross as Steve
Tom as Charles
David as Cas
Maddy as Amelia
Aaron as Wallace

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  1. Role Playing Public Radio you don’t appear to have pasted what you meant at the end, “Ross as SteveContinue Reading”

  2. Eric Turtle Dingler I used a wordpress plugin to automatically post this to facebook. It has a character limit. You can read the full post on our website.

  3. God I loved this, such a great idea for a game.

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