Blades in the Dark: The Blind Eyes – Episode 13

The Blind Eyes want to start a war between two powerful factions without anyone knowing they are behind it. To achieve this, they must frame a leader within the Silver Nails, a mercenary company, as a secret member of the Spirit Wardens. Then they must convince Lord Scurlock’s faction that the Silver Nails are behind their latest defeats because they are allied with the Spirit Wardens.

Birk – Audra the Whisper
Aaron – Salvage the Leech
Caleb – Flake the Cutter
Bill – Vimes/Seth the Slide

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1 Comment

  1. A haircut heist! That was tense and hilarious. Awesome. It was also pretty great when the party realized ‘Ugh, we have to do ANOTHER murder, for the sake of murder. OK, who knows someone worth killing?’

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