Blue Planet Recontact: Where The Wild Things Are

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A child has gone missing at an important settlement, so a team of specialists has been brought in. As the team investigates, they find evidence of a strange intruder unlike any they’ve encountered before. The depths of Poseidon hold many secrets, but sometimes the secrets find you.

Caleb as Dr. Anuska Chopra – Trauma Medic
Ross as W. “Billy” Severance – Team Leader
Bill as Ester “Essy” DeLier – Guide/Security
Aaron as Kazu Ito – Electronics/Team Liaison
Tom as Hotshot – Pilot/Cetacean Liaison
Jeff Barber as the GM

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  1. This was a pretty fun listen, overall. Underwater stuff always is extra stressful for me just personally, so it works well as a horror game for sure.

    I do think the system could use a little tweaking in the resolving, stuff like margin of success is much easier to parse if you just do blackjack rules and is mathematically identical.

    Combat in particular seems to have a lot of modifiers, but even the normal resolve involves a lot of modifier combining.

    It ran fine this session, but I think with people less experience on the system it would really bog down. (like 3rd ed/pathfinder modifier stacking)

  2. A very interesting listen and I agree with Zypherim on the tweaks I also wonder if some of the character types worked as Bill, Aaron and especially Tom’s characters almost faded into the background at times, Tom being stuck outside and apart from the main group for most of the game. Though this might be down to earlier player decisions and a couple of very strong players being in the group, though I’m still not sure how Tom’s character would work inside a structure.
    Interesting setting, hints of some pretty cool world building and a workable system that stepped up a gear in the last act.

  3. I really enjoyed this narrative, though I felt a little ‘meh’ on the system.

    I was pretty disappointed in how the narrative resolved though. Was there really no explanation for what exactly happened to the children, why they were taken, why Max in particular was special, what happened to Max?

    Again, I don’t really find anything that grips me about the system other than it’s world-building backstory…but I am interested in this tale now.

    Can we expect follow-up games that will illuminate some of the cliff-hanger elements?

    I’m not sure what the point of some of the clues were, or how they were to influence character actions. Like the ‘perfect hole’, or ‘reconstructed exterior bulkhead’, or ‘reconstructed smart board’.

    The characters had to make rolls for all this information, and it didn’t seem to provide any clues to myself or the players, as far as I could tell.

    Was something important missed? Just seemed like clues were getting doled out that meant nothing…they were just inexplicable things regardless of rolls. It sorta felt like there wasn’t any actual clues to be giving out, it was just padding until the DM arbitrarily decides to move onto the next set-piece.

    It doesn’t appear to me there was anything the players could have done, or figured out, to change the course of the game.

  4. I am afraid i didn’t complete this one. All these great ideas by the players, constantly shot down. Halfway through this ap and not one real movement forward in the investigation. Whatever the gm was wanting them to do, obviously wasnt happening i guess

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