Blades in the Dark – The Blind Eyes – Episode 8

The Blind Eyes want a new ship and turn their gaze towards the wealthy of Whitecrowne. One family owns a hull swan boat. It moves under its own unnatural power and needs no crew to run, making it an invaluable asset to the crew. Of course, liberating it from its current owners is easier said than done.

This episode’s artwork is a group portrait of The Blind Eyes by Patsy McDowell! From left to right: Vimes, Salvage, Salty, Flake, and Audra

Baz – Salty / Oberon Matias Declarmont the Spider
Birk – Audra the Whisper
Aaron – Salvage the Leech
Caleb – Flake the Cutter
Bill – Vimes/Seth the Slide

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