Eclipse Phase: Safe House Raids – The Eighth Sea – Episode 3

The raids on the Night Cartel continue in the second part of the job! The Night Cartel has a safe house in a remote and well-defended section of the Martian barrens. Destroying it will take a clever plan and a little ruthlessness.

Tom as Lawrence Octomorph thief
Aaron as Simon, a SAIROC async fork
David as Zemo, hyperelite thrill seeker
Greg as Nil, AGI hacker

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  1. Loved it! But it didn’t really feel like a “criminal-game” at all… they acted like experienced firewall-agents and I didn’t get a feeling that they’re a gang at all. And their lack of concern over one of them being infected with the Watts-McLeod Virus is… well… o_O
    Don’t take it the wrong way; I love your E-phase games. And I’m really excited to see were this campaign is going (with the traitor mechanic and all). I had just hoped for a more low-key thing.

  2. Out of character, we all know that Simon is an Async. In character, we have no idea which is why we aren’t reacting as much.

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