On a balmy morning outside Arkham Massachusetts, a farmer found Randolph Carter and Joel Manton unconscious in a field, covered in dirt and blood. The year was 1923. No one knew what happened to the two men and the case has never been solved. Nearly a century later, a new theory of the crime has surfaced…

Welcome to Arkham Cold Cases, a new true crime podcast exploring unusual crimes and mysteries in Arkham’s history. While most people think of Arkham as a small college town, home of Miskatonic University, a dark side exists. Grave robbings, murders, disappearances, and other crimes are a neglected part of our town’s history. I’m Scott Daniels, an amateur investigator and podcaster and I’ve decided to shed some light on this under-studied part of Arkham’s story. Every episode, I’ll be joined by a guest to examine new evidence and theories about some of these crimes. In our first episode, David D. Heller, Independent Local Historian joins us to cover this case.

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Dallas debuted on April 2, 1978, as a five-part miniseries on CBS. Producers initially had no plans for expansion; however, due to the show’s popularity, it was subsequently turned into a regular series and broadcast for 13 full seasons from September 23, 1978, to May 3, 1991. The show is known for its portrayal of wealth, sex, intrigue, conflict and power struggles. Throughout the series, the main premise is the longtime rivalry between the Ewing and Barnes families, which came to head when the Barnes daughter Pamela (Victoria Principal) eloped with youngest Ewing son Bobby (Patrick Duffy), in the first episode.

Shaun as JR
David as Bobby
Tom as Cliff Barnes
Aaron as Pam Barnes
Jason A as Jock

Finally, after years of hardship, you have made it here; your home, the place where you will make your stand and raise your families as a community.Traditions will change over the generations, as the community tackles crisis after crisis. Pass the breadsticks, will you?

We played When You’re Here, You’re Family at the local Olive Garden.The game is by Jeff Stormer.

Yes, this is a real game.

Even the heroes of Gate 9 need an occasional break from raiding bases and fighting villains. Thanks to crowdfunding, three brilliant cinematic legends, Tommy Wiseau, Neil Breen, and James Nguyen, were able to create a movie they co-wrote, starred, and directed called The Marcy’s Invisible Veranda of Infinite Light. Find out what twists and turns are in this fine piece of cinema in this very serious movie!  In order to capture its brilliance, I used the RPG It Came From the Late, Late, Late Show with some house rules to run this very important and possibly solah-powered game.