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World of Darkness: Slender Man episode 5

Slender Man is an outdoorsman.In this episode, the investigators find the Grey Mansion and explore it to learn more about the families. They also have to deal with Little Red Riding Hood and her creator. As the mysteries of the city become deeper and darker, will the heroes ever find a way out?

World of Darkness: Slender Man episode 4

You are likely to eaten by a grue. The grue is likely to be taken by Slender Man.The investigators have uncovered a conspiracy of four families that has brought great evil upon the city. Each family held a part of an artifact of great power but when they misused it, everyone suffered a terrible fate. In order to stop the Slender Man, the investigators must find the four pieces. One piece is in the Tanner neighborhood, and a strange little girl is more than they realized. What secrets does she hold and is an enemy or ally?

World of Darkness: Slender Man episode 3

Slender Man likes camping. With you. In this episode, the investigators are drawn to a goth concert held in an abandoned insane asylum. To learn more about Slender Man and the secrets that will be key to stopping him, they must find the artist hosting the concert and learn what they know. But it won’t be easy.  The artist has a few surprises of her own.

World of Darkness: Slender Man episode 2

Hi, I had an appointment. Can I come in?I’m on a trip right now but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy some fine Actual Play episodes.

The Slender Man campaign continues. In case you don’t remember, the characters from Candle Cove were reused for a campaign I never finished about Slender Man. In this episode, they start to pick up the pieces and figure out how to deal with Tom’s character and other threats. Enjoy!

A Dirty World: The Dangers of Fraternization

War. War never changes. The victors always vandalize the statues. Always. After World War 2, the Allied Powers split Berlin into the East and West sides. Policing a ruined city after the most devastating war in history was no easy task. Black marketeering ran rampant. Opportunists exploited the German people when possible. In this chaotic mix, two women are murdered, both apparently by the same killer. Three groups of investigators find themselves forced to deal with the mystery; a pair of American military police, two Russian officers, and a few German criminals. Each have their own secret motives and few actually want to do the right thing for the victims. Can justice prevail in such a dirty world? Find out in this double length episode!