Call of Catthulhu: Night of the LOLcats

I can has YOUR SOUL >:3So this is a game that exists. That I bought at Gencon last year. And decided to run. And the other players agreed to play. This is now a thing. They play cats, who fight the Cthulhu mythos, because reasons. So I chose the scenario seed that involved LOLcat memes because I am a horrible monster. Anyway, enjoy an indie RPG about feline comedy/horror investigation!

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  1. Ross, this just proves that you will always, and most thoroughly, be the monster in this group.

  2. We know who to blame when waves of listeners go mad.

  3. Gods forgive me, I’m downloading it right now. My feverish mind is full of paralyzing dread.

    And cute kitty pictures.

  4. This podcast was hit by the appropriate cat-alyst.

  5. It was purrfect

  6. Great to hear this though slightly puzzled on the light version rules without seeing them. Worlds of Cthulhu #4 has the Cathulhu rules I’m used to seeing which is more closer to the CoC rules with some fun skills like hypnotize & dream/human lore.

  7. This AP is based on the ashcan version of the rules distributed at GenCon. The rules have evolved since the KS, and I imagine they will continue to do so until release.

  8. it is the tags that prove that Ross is a true monster! I trusted you, Ross Payton, and read them again for the first time after many moons, but like a female NPC, they lied! truly the tags are the Piper’s final mask

    also v disappointed you guys had the opportunity to have a Mythos spellcaster called Purrlock Tomes and didn’t seize that chance

  9. Author

    I wrote up all of these games in a hurry (because China trip) and this is the price I paid for it. I’M NOT SORRY

  10. tearing me apart! hope China’s treatin you right (are you still there)

  11. O… M… G…

    I had no idea this game existed, and yet in retrospect, how could it not?

    I must play this…

    By the way, you guys are awesome. And damaged. But in a good way.

  12. omg always good to see China again but re: that tumblr Gun Home so good

  13. I’m really interested in this game, but I can’t find it on the internet. can someone please tell me how I can get my paws on this?

  14. Wow
    So mystery
    Very horror
    Much game

  15. Still downloading, but am ridiculously confident of its awesomeness already.

    Puzzled by claims to the game/recording’s sanity-blasting properties, though. Seems totally reasonable and confidence-boosting. This premise is completely consonant with HPL’s own outlook and writings — wherein cats and dogs almost never fail to vigorously smite incursions of the Abnatural, without losing their marbles.

    Now, a game where you play a pack of noble, pure-blooded Kampfhunden chasing down and destroying the primitive, gibbering and odiously dark-skinned cultists of obscene gods; I can see that might be uncomfortable for both HPL fans and the general public alike… despite also being pretty much his style.

  16. Will there be an RPPR episode of Pokethulu?

  17. Some of the dialogue in this game sounds like Ross is just GMing after getting a root canal. Go ahead, try to unhear it!

  18. Wait, so a human may be dead and none of the cats are thinking about the tasty face and other meats suddenly available?

    Also, loved it.

  19. So horrible
    Very Monster
    Much Ross

  20. Bearded Dragon’s are Australian not Japanese, but I liked his portrayal as the wise old mystic all the same 🙂

  21. a lot of fun! I’m not sure I’d campaign it, but definitely an amusing game, So were all the NPCs based on memes, I recognized most of them, but the bearded dragon I expected to be Philosoraptor, but I didn’t get that vibe.

  22. So was the bearded dragon playing the part of philosiraptor?

  23. Author

    For some reason, I hadn’t assigned a meme to the bearded dragon – I think he was only there because a player suggested it during the game. In retrospect, he makes a decent philosoraptor.

  24. The reveal of the true villain brought back HORRIBLE memories I thought had been buried forever. But no. . . now they have returned to haunt me. >:(

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