Iron Heroes: Fortunes of War Episode 4

Definitely not a bandit hideout, please ignore.Xin’s Crows are now deep in the desert and must deal with the bandits, one way or the other if they hope to make it across with their wares (and hides) intact. But to stop the elusive desert bandits, they must first find their hidden fortress. While the main caravan laboriously crosses the desert, a small group can easily make a detour in order to question local nomads and traders at a nearby oasis. Even after they get a lead, getting to the hideout will be quite hard and who knows what’s lying in wait for them there?

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  1. continuing adventures in being an asshole to the quartermaster! and yaaay crazy kung fu movie temple setpieces

  2. “I replaced his water with shame.” Oh Caleb, does everyone else realize how lucky they are you didn’t decide to rule them with an iron fist?

  3. There was a recommendation to see Red Cliffs in the episode – you really need to seek out the full version (not on netflix). It is about 2 hours longer. They cut out whole battles, plot, etc.

  4. There was a reference to Red Cliffs during the episode – you should really pickup the international version vs. the one that appears on netflix. They cut out two hours or so. Most of the battles were longer and I think they cut out 1 or two.

  5. I was kind of thinking of Dragon Gate Inn because that’s what kung-fu and desert means to me.

  6. I rented the original version. I was in for the whole 4+ hours of it.

  7. Great episode. Rapidly falling in love with the cast of characters. As someone who usually avoids D20 like the plague, this has been a treat to listen to.

  8. Yea red cliff is technically two separate films part 1 & 2. Both great.

    Also, I know it’s a fun joke to tell Ross to immerse them when their character kills someone in a cool way, but Ross, you should tell THEM to immerse YOU, after all it’s their character doing the action!

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