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Cointract Island is a paradise for blockchain tech entrepreneurs and investors. Founded by Cointract DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization), a biotech company, Cointract Island allows for unlimited biotech research and development. Thousands of people live and work on the island, thriving in an environment unrestricted by regulations. Genetically engineered creatures serve the island’s citizens, controlled by cybernetic implants that run crypto software. Buy the right NFT and you can command your own creature! Three residents, a software developer, a scientist, and an executive assistant are living their best lives, surrounded by countless monsters who serve at their beck and call. They’re looking forward to tonight’s party at the island’s only night club. Join them as they experience a Night on Cointract Island.

Bridget as Samantha “Sammy” Carlson, executive assistant
Lydia as Dr. Hypatia Sunstruck, a lab scientist
Fae as Septus Lawson, Cointract DAO Programmer

This is a prequel adventure to our upcoming action horror campaign, Cointract Island. I’ve been previewing artwork and content of this campaign on the RPPR Patreon. Join now to see what else is in store for the campaign.  We’ll post episode zero of the main campaign next so you can meet the main player characters of the campaign. These PCs are definitely NOT the heroes of the campaign.


“Perceive that which cannot be seen with the eye.” In this one shot, a group of ronin samurai wander the chaotic and violent countryside of Japan in the turbulent Sengoku era. When they chance upon a village, they stumble upon a hidden darkness far worse than they could imagine. After agreeing to help the villagers, the ronin encounter things beyond their comprehension. Only their blades and strength stand between the innocent and an unknowable evil.  Can their skills prevail against their inhuman foes? Find out in this special prequel to the next RPPR campaign, Tribes of Tokyo!