On a balmy morning outside Arkham Massachusetts, a farmer found Randolph Carter and Joel Manton unconscious in a field, covered in dirt and blood. The year was 1923. No one knew what happened to the two men and the case has never been solved. Nearly a century later, a new theory of the crime has surfaced…

Welcome to Arkham Cold Cases, a new true crime podcast exploring unusual crimes and mysteries in Arkham’s history. While most people think of Arkham as a small college town, home of Miskatonic University, a dark side exists. Grave robbings, murders, disappearances, and other crimes are a neglected part of our town’s history. I’m Scott Daniels, an amateur investigator and podcaster and I’ve decided to shed some light on this under-studied part of Arkham’s story. Every episode, I’ll be joined by a guest to examine new evidence and theories about some of these crimes. In our first episode, David D. Heller, Independent Local Historian joins us to cover this case.

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