Hi, I had an appointment. Can I come in?The Slender Man is a crowd-created boogeyman made infamous by creepypasta and web series like Marble Hornets. I’ve found him a great inspiration for horror games, so I used him for several games over the years.

Slender Man: Fear Itself – A one shot with my take on the Slender Man as a media-driven monster, able to corrupt imagery and video.

World of Darkness: Slender Man – a failed campaign that nevertheless produced some excellent role playing. Note that Tom, Aaron’s, and RJ’s characters originated in a one shot game called Candle Cove. You may want to listen to that for some back story, but it is not necessary.

Episode 1: A man is abducted by a mysterious being, known only as the Slender Man. He returns years later to find out he is no longer fully human.

Episode 2:The group begins to realize there’s more than just Slender Man in the city. Mysteries abound but dangers are everywhere…

Episode 3: A goth concert at an abandoned insane asylum? That doesn’t sound suspicious at all.

Episode 4: Four families conspired to gain magical power, but their scheme has fallen apart. The investigators look into one of the families.

Episode 5: Little Red Riding Hood is very, very creepy.

Episode 6: The last session of the campaign. It was never completed.


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