Ultimate RPG Game Master’s Worldbuilding Guide with James D’Amato

World building is a fun part of preparing a game but it’s still work. Sometimes you may need help generating ideas. James D’Amato from the One Shot podcast released a new book called The Ultimate RPG Game Master’s Worldbuilding Guide, which contains many exercises to build up a world. James and I went through one of the exercises to expand upon my game, Base Raiders. What happens 5 years after base raiding is commonplace? What magic and technology spreads across the world? You won’t believe how important crabs are in the future of Base Raiders!

If you like this episode, consider picking up a copy of James’ book.

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  1. Is it weird that I remember sharing his previous book with RPPR community as that was right around when I made the poor choices that ostracized me from said community.
    Its more odd because good world building and tip books along with a better gaming group really helped me turn over a new leaf after all of that.

    Sorry I should comment on the episode It just really struck me how similar and how different things have been in just 4 years.

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