GURPS: Modern League of Extraordinary Gentlemen – Judgment Day 04

We played these games a while ago. Funny story about this. I thought we played 3 sessions but in fact, Tom ran 4 sessions of this mini campaign. I scheduled these games to be posted while I was away at Gencon 2011. I did not think that there was a fourth game until a listener commented about it to me. So, I checked the archives and found the ACTUAL conclusion of the game. So, uh, enjoy the dramatic finale of Tom’s action extravaganza!

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  1. “The Commander who leads from the rear takes it in the rear.” ~Barak Obama, techno-badass.

  2. Oh Ross, how could you forget about Barack the Rock Obama? You horrible monster.

    Really enjoyed this quick posting format for a mini-series of episodes, was great to get each one right as I finished listening to the previous. Do this again!

  3. I am a new listener on RPPRA and I just wanted to say thanks for posting all these Actual Plays. I’ve never heard anyone else GM before, so it has been very encouraging to know that I’m not the only one with GM Quirks. (My player(s) expect ‘novel quality’ immersion, which is currently beyond my capabilities.)
    Side Note: I would love to hear more GURPS sessions (my preferred system), regardless of genre or content.

  4. You need to run a presidential save the world campaign.

  5. Finished this one finally. I don’t think I like Gurps for this part of combat, if level of success only matters in burst fire. Aside from that, Gurps is as varied and technical as its name implies.

    Ross’ love of gunbunnies is still strong here, and everyone generally played to their strengths.

    Combat itself was weird as I mentioned, things were either ‘totally near death’ or handwaved, but all in all, it was a lot of fun to listen to.

  6. I’ve got a new plot you guys could use with the next Modern League. Add in some Star Trek. Skynet is trying to assassinate Zefram Cochrane and prevent the warp drive from being discovered. The Federation is onto Skynet and doing some time-traveling of their own to try and help the PCs.

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