Eclipse Phase 2E: Chicago 334– The Eighth Sea – Episode 7

The Eighth Sea needs an army, so they’ll have to steal it! A cult has a cache of weaponized egos, heavily modified through psychosurgery to serve as the perfect cannon fodder. It’s stored on the cult’s base on the asteroid Chicago 334. A plan combining deception and a stealthy raid on the base might work.

Tom as Lawrence Octomorph thief
Aaron as Simon, a SAIROC async fork
David as Zemo, hyperelite thrill seeker
Greg as Nil, AGI hacker

Zweihander: Shrine of the Lake

The village of Penkurth relies on pilgrims to the Shrine of Our Lady of Stone. The shrine is reputed to heal many lingering ailments and the steady stream of travelers is enough to make the village prosperous. The denizens of the forest have stirred and threaten to cut off the village from civilization. Three travelers must try to bring peace to the region or the village of Penkurth may face utter destruction.

Birk as Zedkin. a gnome apothecary
Noah as Alrik, a dwarf bonepicker
Richard as Rosabella, a halfling racketeer

Eclipse Phase 2E: Calamity – The Eighth Sea – Episode 6

A contact named Calamity wants to meet the Eighth Sea. She knows a way to strike back at the Night Cartel but she wants to meet in person at an outdoor festival. Is a public space safe enough and is her information trustworthy?

Dan as Chaiu, an Uplift Gatecrasher
Jay B as Eleazar, a Shoguysha Ego Hunter
Jason A as Designate, an AGI hacker
Renee as Cadence, an AGI psychosurgeon

(The episode art features a unique musical instrument featured in this episode. Watch the linked video to see it in action.)