Red Markets: The Cooper County War – Episode 13

The final battle has begun! The D4s have fought and sacrificed to prepare for the war against the massive stampede of casualties, but it may not be enough. Everything is on the line. When the dawn comes, will any enclave be left standing?

Ross as Deacon
Maddy as Delta
Aaron as Darlington
David as Dakka
Jason B as the GM

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  1. That was a heck of a war

  2. What an ending to a great Red Markets campaign.
    The fight to survival this episode was done well.

    Congrats on another awesome campaign all!

  3. to expand on that now that I am at keys. That rubber band concept is brutal. In fact I think it might be too much so. The sheer fact that you absolutely had to sabotage it every round (past round two) or you outright lose is a bit much. I think if I do a war ever (if i ever get my players to play it), it’ll be a random addition each round.

    I also still don’t see any use in opening another front, because the entire goal of a war is to never put players in a spot where they can rest on their laurels, so how can anyone afford to put time towards a second front?

    Other than that, I enjoyed the D4s a lot, and I know I’ve said a few things that were a bit questioning of choices made but it was a solid game, and a fine addition to the RM campaigns here.

  4. I loved, loved, LOVED this campaign. Terrific stuff guys. (And lady) It left me with a question, and a comment though. After listening to the entire campaign, I have to say, while the Reformed Black Math angle was high-larious, the way Ross plays Deacon, a member of the Reformed Black Math cult/church/philosophy? seems more like simply a regular taker, maybe just one with a slightly more altruistic save people/kill zombies focus – but I do emphasize slight there – as every time a decision came up regarding killing casualties that weren’t in the way of the objective – Deacon would sigh and say something about the math, where Dakka was ALWAYS gung-ho for Zed killing.
    My question would be more up Caleb’s line I think. So when someone goes vector, their speech center is still active for a while, and they scream apologies, and other random things as they die and kill – but, what if someone like a Meek turns themselves into a vector? Do they still scream apologies, or do they scream things like “Die, die, die, die, all black, all black, BLACK BLACK!!!!” ?

  5. @Scott

    I believe that I have an answer for you, my friend. In The Brutalists, the crew ran into a group of Meek who were changing into Vectors in the field. They were also screaming the standard apologies but with the addition of “We were wrong!”

    It seems as though the level of faith will make a difference, whether someone believes with every fiber of their being vs “It’s mainly an Easter/Christmas thing…”

    So while Dakka is after every tally and dedicated to building his kill/death ratio to the exclusion of all else, his apologies would likely include a “Kill me, save the ratio!” where Deacon’s focus included a focus on a third piece (namely, replenishment) so he probably would add “won’t somebody think of the children!?”

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