Red Markets: The Cooper County War – Episode 9

The enclaves need high quality water troughs and a local airport has a number of them. The D4s move in to secure the troughs, but find out there’s a reason no one else has looted them so far. Fortunately, they aren’t the only ones with an interest in the airport. Can unlikely allies defeat the ‘guardian’ of the airport?

Ross as Deacon
Maddy as Delta
Aaron as Darlington
David as Dakka
Jason B as the GM

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  1. Pre-listen: guardian of the Airport? Sounds like a solo nutter or something big. Please be something big!
    Also not the only ones interested? Did another taker group meet then or the previous thought of solo nutter?
    Time to find out!

  2. so was this a ganglia or what? I mean…we barely got to know what it was…

  3. Post-listen: Ha! I was hoping for an Aberrant and I got a great one from Jason and the team.
    The vignettes were good and Aaron still working off the previous is sad in the right narrative way.
    Happy the ending did not involve a Hellstrike missile this time lol.

  4. @Matt

    It’s a squiggly tally mark. Before it was a squiggly tally mark, it was a squiggly tally mark in potentia; it has its realized destiny and added to the count.

    As it should.

  5. @David

    Proof yet again that Black Math is the simplest math. 😀

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