Cyberpunk: Lady Gaga 2.0

In the chromed future wireless Internet access does not exist but full conversion cyborgs are commonplace. Computers Cyberdecks have less memory and processing power than an iPhone but can be used to hack military data fortresses in ‘the grid’ and making a mistake can kill the unlucky netrunner. This is the past future of Cyberpunk, the classic R. Talsorian RPG and home to Lady Gaga 2.0 and her entourage of sociopathic cybered and coked up killers.

There’s a mission to recover a suitcase from some dude in a hotel, but honestly it’s all about headshots, cybernetics and drugs. Oh and the nauesator.

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  1. I was hoping this game wouldn’t be posted. 🙁

    There are sooooo many better games than this one.

    I suppose the last hour is really good, but still . . .

  2. Cody, what are you talking about?!


  3. Ross: Gaga has not ordered me to kill, so i stay my hand.

  4. I think Tom could have avoided a lot of the railroadyness of the ending if he had let the money, then have the Yakuza kidnap Gaga and co. in there sleep.

  5. ^ I meant “thier”

  6. I embarrassed myself at the office again, from laughing.
    I’m not sure why you don’t like this one, Cody, but it was fun as hell to listen to. Did you have fun playing? If yes, then the game was a good one.

  7. This was so awesome. You people are awesome.

  8. CYBERtastic!

  9. it was great fun up until the ending

  10. That last hour was spectacular, John Woo-and-Luc-Besson-skipping-through-a-poppy-covered-minefield-on-the-way-to-deliver-drugs-to-Grampa-Gibson awesomeness. More, please.

    Also, really don’t understand the railroading accusations. Seemed like a pretty awesome prelude to the adventures of Lady GaGa 2.0 & her insane entourage. I’d rather have that than some expository set-up before the actual campaign. At least this way your characters have a frame of reference for their lunacy other than the arbitrary Cyberpunk lifepath.

    Anyway, love the shows guys (especially Delta Green); keep up the great work.

  11. Dear (cyber)RPPR crew,

    Thank you for this latest (cyber)AP. It truly is some of your finest (cyber)work. I think this game serves as a shining example of the (cyber)possibilities for entertainment that exist in the Role Playing world. Thank you so much for your (cyber)gift to the (cyber)world.

    (cyber)Sincerely, Salkovich

  12. I can’t stop laughing! I can’t wait for it to be the Future. Good show.

  13. This AP had me laughing so hard at one point that my co-worker walked by office to check on me…

    I think this episode has attained “instant classic” status and I’m glad you posted it Ross!

    My favorite part had to have been Ross saying “Okay, I throw a grenade into the room! NEXT DOOR!”

    Tom role-played the publicist NPC perfectly and I pretty much lost it when Ross’s character gave him the chance to join the party IF he shot a Japanese executive! Wow, just wow!

    It’s like the Shining as interpreted by Monty Python but directed by the Wachowski brothers… Nuff said!

    All in all, that was pretty fuckin’ epic. Sometimes I wonder if Tom isn’t really Nyarlthotep spreading insanity one game session at a time. Well-done Tommy! Well done!

  14. “Do you need time to prepare?”


    The ending was indeed very surreal, like the final episode of Excel Saga. The players were Nabeshin, throwing open every door and killing whoever they found behind said doors. Funny stuff.

  15. I think my favorite part is that Cyber Gaga didn’t even directly take part in the job. Listening to everybody repeat their characters randomly generated views of humanity and their devotion to Gaga was fun.

  16. She inspired everyone by making them dancing earlier, that is the important part!

  17. I love the idea of Gaga being such an influencial person that she doesn’t HAVE to do anything. We are her cult and we love her unconditionally. In fact, after putting myself in the mindset in this game, it makes me love the real Gaga all the more. Her confidence is inspiring to me.

    I think I didn’t enjoy the game because I just didn’t like my character and I didn’t feel involved until the end. I wasn’t having any fun until we got to the hotel. At that point, I was all about it. Trust me, I’m not as critical as some people when it comes to the ideas of a “good game” and having fun is paramount in my mind.

  18. I was so wanting the whole crew to jump in the van and drive down the cop and plow through all the cars on a crazy highspeed chase. That could have been as legendary.

  19. Certainly an interesting session? What system does this game use?

  20. Wow Just WOW!

    Streaming the whole gun fight as part of the Gaga concert was hilarious. Then inciting the Crowd to mob against the police was awesome! I think the most entertaining part was when the big bad body guard pops out and does no damage, and then gets shot in the head.

  21. This demands a sequel!!! A Michael Bay sequel! More guns, more coke, bigger concert venues and bigger nausea machines.

  22. the railroadiness is of -noinnaresttome.- I adored this like I have adored few things in my internet radio life. 100% brilliant from all parties. by far my favorite RPPR piece ever. hifuckinglarious. MORE PLAZ.

  23. I just listened to this session all the way through for the second time, and I’m laughing so hard tears are rolling down my face. There needs to be a sequel to this.

  24. Hum…Will you do more sessions of these? This might be even better than the New World campaign, and I’m tired of listening for the same recording a half a dozen times


  25. gaigaia you legitimize my creepy RPPRepition with your own.

  26. Great game – enjoyed listening in, wish I could hear more of your CyberPunk Adventures.

  27. “You kick open the door, there’s an older japanese man there in a suit at a desk. He stares forward, ready for his death.”

    “I throw in a grenade!”

    I should link this game to the Heroic Sociopath trope

  28. Oh for the love of Gaga! I have listened to this like 3-4 times (just for something to listen to between new AP’s) and I die of laughter every time you guys get to the fan girl scene. Jesus, you guys need to do a follow up to this game.

  29. Hilarious! I had to try hard to contain my laughing at work. I failed several times. What was that in the background, Bill with sound effects on his phone?

    While I would like to hear a follow up to this game, i’m sure it would be a bit different. I have never laughed so hard at the antics of the RPPR crew.

  30. Otherwise known as RPPR Gone Wild. Hilarious game & would love to see this continue (or revived) in Eclipse Phase if possible as the concept is quite interesting & fun.

  31. 8 siblings… Actually just been reading CPunk for campaign fodder… 1d10 for siblings, 1-7 is the amount of siblings, 8-10 means you are an only child… Enjoyed the game though.. Just curious, over-sight by Tom? Different edition to mine? Totally scripted games? I’m too drunk to comment on shit like this at midnight?…

  32. Awesome. Possibly the best use of “Those don’t work like that” from Caleb.

    The last hour really did feel like it could be set to a GaGa beat. Normally action scenes in games bog down but it keeps moving when you scythe through the mooks like a storm made of grenades and headshots.

    So many great lines, too.

    I think you got a little flustered at the end, Tom – the main reason it seemed sorta railroady (as a listener, not playing the game) was that you didn’t really *need* a betrayal/kidnapping to keep the mission structure going. I know “the Mr. Johnson betrays you” is a cyberpunk trope, but it’s pretty well-worn at this point. Specifically, I think if this band had been told, “You did good, want another job hurting people for more cash and drugs?” they would have cheerfully signed up. Throw in a free additional nauseator and it’s all good.

    But I don’t want to seem critical because this was a wonderful crystal of insanity and cybermurder. The throw-away mention of running a game composed of pop stars – Ke$ha, Gaga, Beyonce, and so on – is something I may run with for a future Fate game.

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