Wield: A Not So Final Fantasy

wieldWield is a fantasy RPG where each player character is a powerful magic item with suitably awesome magical powers and epic destiny. Unfortunately, they are still items and need to be wielded by an adventurer of some sort in order to actually do anything. After picking this game up at Gen Con last year, we decided to give it a shot. Everyone made suitably epic magic items and went to town in a not-at-all Final Fantasy knock-off setting. This is a shorter one shot, but it should give you an idea of how the system works.

Eclipse Phase: Duality episode 12

sewer_cyborg_by_deivcalviz-d4ar02cThe Firewall team has found the location of an exhuman terror cell deep in the bowels of the Jovian Republic. Before they launch a covert raid on the exhumans, the team must prepare. They are deep under cover, in a totalitarian dystopian society with stringent laws on weapons and face a foe that fears nothing. This Firewall team can improvise and overcome though. They have support from another Firewall cell, including a very special vac suit worker…

Trail of Cthulhu: Masks of Nyarlathotep – New York – episode 2

Having_a_break_by_henningThe investigators have begun to piece together Jackson Elias’ trail, but the cult is not far behind them. They find out that Roger Carlyle’s sister, Erica, may have vital information about the case. She also has a number of vital tomes in her library. The team must dodge assassins, deal with Omri, the white haired woman, and defend Erica from the cult.Will their mysterious allies, the Lamplighters, be enough to stop the cult? Find out in this thrilling episode!