Eclipse Phase 2E: Under the Ice – The Eighth Sea – Episode 9

The Eighth Sea knows how to assault the polar fortress of the Night Cartel. A daring plan to build a tunnel under the ice until they can breach the perimeter. It will take months but they have the time and resources. But as they dig, they find they are not alone. Someone built an underground facility and it may complicate the assault. The team needs to clear it, but what lies buried there?

Tom as Lawrence Octomorph thief
Aaron as Simon, a SAIROC async fork
David as Zemo, hyperelite thrill seeker
Greg as Nil, AGI hacker

Fear Itself: Weep Not Manor

Content Warning: This episode features brief descriptions of torture.

Synopsis: Weep Not Manor is considered the nation’s most extreme haunted house. Open only on Halloween night, only invited guests are allowed to experience the terrors inside. It is free, but getting an invitation requires a pre-screening interview. Three participants are about to find out the truth behind the manor.

Caleb – Stefan Maric, a VICE news intern
Birk – Robert “Corpserot” Preston, a grindcore singer
Aaron – Allan “roughing it” Cartwright, a Youtuber.

Eclipse Phase 2E: Road Trip – The Eighth Sea – Episode 8

In order to launch an assault on a polar fortress, the Eighth Sea must assemble an army. Quite literally that is. They must transport fabricators and raw materials across the Martian wastes in secret. Fooling the satellites and sensors of the authorities is one thing but surviving the hazards of the deep desert wastes is another.

Dan as Chaiu, an Uplift Gatecrasher
Jay B as Eleazar, a Shoguysha Ego Hunter
Jason A as Designate, an AGI hacker
Renee as Cadence, an AGI psychosurgeon