Eclipse Phase: Duality episode 10

sentinelThe Jovian Republic chapter of Duality begins! A group of sentinels has been sent into Republic to find and stop a cell of exhuman terrorists. Posing as new immigrants or as hypercorp consultants, the team must make contact with a local cell of Firewall agents, and investigate leads while avoiding both the exhumans and the Jovian police.This all must done with basic morphs and limited weapons and tools due to strict anti-tech laws in the Republic. Of course, they could try to smuggle some tech in, but that poses its own risks. Find out how well the team does when they venture into the Republic!

Trail of Cthulhu – The Dream Factory – Part 2

df2The secrets of Hollywood have never been so dark! After experiencing missing time, the private investigators discover a secret cult operating within Los Angeles. Their cryptic allies have told them the cult owns a weapon that can destroy the cursed mirror in their possession, but what is it? Even if they find the weapon, their mission to rescue the actress from the clutches of the cult will be no easier. It is all building to a confrontation with the elusive leader of the cult, but will anyone survive to investigate certain events in New York in January 1925?

Call of Cthulhu: Shanghaied

shaghaiedPrepare for adventure on the high seas and in distant lands in this special double length episode of Call of Cthulhu! It begins with a group of would-be gold prospectors in 1848 as they arrive in San Francisco. The trio enter the wrong bar and wind up on a merchant ship on its way to Shanghai. First off, the ship will travel to Rook island to load up on spices. The new sailors try to adapt to life on the high seas, but one of them refuses to work on principle. His eventual fate foreshadows the true horror that awaits the survivors when they arrive on the island. Both the plantation owner and the native tribesmen hold dark secrets. Can the hapless sailors survive the upcoming conflict?