In 1995, a team of Delta Green agents are assigned to investigate the disappearance of an artist in New York City. This case unravels their lives and echoes throughout eternity. They soon find themselves embroiled in a surreal mystery surrounding the play, the King in Yellow. They soon realize the only way is through. Can they survive the journey?

This run of the published Delta Green campaign took place from December 2022 to June 2023. I want to thank the players for their incredible role playing.

Art by Patsy McDowell.

Maddy as Ryan West, paramedic
Thad as Marley Madelyn, FBI agent
Fae as Yersinia Riszek, cryptographer
Rob Stith as Jørgen Nygård, undercover agent
Ross as the Handler

Read Yersinia Riszek’s backstory to learn more about her tragic history.

A campaign poster by Patsy McDowell, featuring all of the player characters.

Episode 1: The agents are assigned the case and investigate the Macallistar building.
Episode 2: An exploration of the Night Floors.
Episode 3: Abigail is gone and the agents find an alternative solution to the case so far.
Episode 4: Twenty years later, the agents are invited to another night at the opera.
Episode 5: Barbas’ house contains many mysteries.
Episode 6: Dorchester House is not easy to escape but the agents find a way forward.
Episode 7: What does the Clown Do?
Episode 8: On the run after escaping Dorchester House.
Episode 9: One agent is wounded in the hospital, but enemies stalk them still.
Episode 10: The agents head to Louisiana to continue their investigation.
Episode 11: The records sought by the agents are on a remote island.
Episode 12: Back in New York, the agents try to find the Hotel Broadalbin.
Episode 13: The agents find safety in the hotel, until they don’t.
Episode 14: Don’t get lost in the darkness below the hotel.
Episode 15: All along the shores of the lake.
Episode 16: Welcome to the Palace. Midnight is soon.

Post Mortem Part 1: a discussion of the campaign, characters, and moments up to episode 12.
Post Mortem Part 2: The conclusion of the discussion.