"Dodge this!" "Okay"After the New World, the RPPR group was still eager to play D&D, so we decided to try out Dark Sun after the campaign setting came out. To change things up, we created a campaign structure that allowed rotating gamemasters for each adventure. The campaign fell apart, but we had a good time being grimdark badasses in the scorched world of Dark Sun.

Episode 1: A group of adventurers in the same caravan are caught up in a larger plot than they ever anticipated when they find an ancient artifact of great power.

Episode 2: The cities of Dark Sun are no less dangerous than the desert. Urik is no exception.

Episode 3: Cody runs a game of intrigue and action.

Episode 4: The artifact has transported the heroes into a remote and inescapable region. They must find a way to survive a mob of angry villagers and deadly monsters, among other threats.

Episode 5: The conclusion of Antlion and the last we shall see of the Dark Sun band. What will their ultimate fate be? Let your imagination decide.

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  1. I kind of want to see the group return to this game some day

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