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In the distant future, a cargo spaceship takes a job to deliver scientific equipment and materials to a remote planet. They just need to drop the cargo off and get a signature from the director of the research station. Of course, that’s easier said than done. A powerful alien artifact known as the Simulacrum Engine has thrown the station into chaos. Trapped in an underground lab, the ship crew needs to figure out what’s happened and who they can trust.

Chris as Sam Barry, marine
Shaun as Terrence, android
Tom as Munroe, marine

A squad of space marines is sent to a remote mining station on an asteroid to investigate the disappearance of a worker. When they arrive, the marines realize something else is on the station. Something inhuman. Something hungry. Find out who lives and who dies!

Bridget as First Lieutenant Claire Morin
Birk as Cpl Lawrence Saint
Maddy as Cpl Emma Cameron

The company needs a space station audited. Multiple irregularities and erratic reports from Caltech 65 worry the accountants and executives. There’s a good chance the station’s crew has gone rogue and may kill any auditors sent in. No sane spacer would take such a dangerous job. The company has rounded up a crew of the most desperate spacers they could find. They have one last chance to redeem themselves, if they can survive the audit.

Tom as Corporal James Quintil the marine
Caleb as Kay the android
Aaron as Dr. Francis Salinger the scientist
Jason A as Kyla Conner the teamster
Ross as the GM