Bleak Spirit is a storytelling game modeled on video games like Dark Souls and Elden Ring. Players take turns narrating what a lone wanderer does as they explore a desolate region. History is hidden behind cryptic bits of lore and the few inhabitants left are dangerous. Aaron, Caleb, and I played a game of it. Find out what dark truths await the wanderer in the Bone Quarry.

Sponsor: ARBCo, the creator of Mutants in the Now, is currently Kickstarting its first supplement, Mutants in the Next. This book adds a lot of new options to the game, including human mutants, wild mutations, and more exciting player options like new species, weird psionics, fighting styles, and more! You can get both books by backing this Kickstarter. Check out the campaign now to learn more.

Mutant animals live in the shadows, scavenging and stealing what they need to survive. One team, the Pit Stops, gets a job to steal a package from a shipping company. The money is too good to turn down, but there’s more to this simple heist than meets the eye.

Ross as Cindy Barr, raccoon with a rocket launcher
Thad as Fourty Four, Maine coon cat
Chris as Bogart/Druid, cockroach
David as Sitarra, lion from a professional magician
Tom as the GM

A band of merry thieves ply their trade in a quiet suburban neighborhood. They happen to be raccoons and they have a sky ship powered by magnets. Raccoon Sky Pirates is a rules light RPG about teamwork and mischief. We played two heists in this session. Enjoy!

Maddy as Kit
Aaron as Brisket Jack
David as Rabies Eddie
Ross as the GM

Caleb developed a new game themed around Psychedelic Horror. A group of drug users all take a powerful new hallucinogen called Raisins. They experience a deadly trip and only one of them can survive. Keep an eye on Hebanon Game’s Patreon for future updates for this game!

Ross as Steve
Tom as Charles
David as Cas
Maddy as Amelia
Aaron as Wallace