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Eclipse Phase: Know Evil episode 13

I was going to use another image for this episode but it's a robot panda fighting zombie pandas. HOW CAN I SAY NO TO THISNews: Check out the new Raillery episode featuring Ross, Caleb, and Aaron!

Synopsis: The Firewall team survives the ambush from the bounty hunter, but only narrowly so. In order to continue the investigation, they must enter Triad territory and get answers from the top of the criminal organization. Getting an audience with a fearsome Triad boss isn’t exactly easy so the team must prove themselves worthy first. This requires a combination of finesse, streetwise, and brute strength. Can the team manage to meet the leader of the Triads? What secrets will they learn? Are pandas awesome or what? Find out in Know Evil episode 13!

Eclipse Phase: Know Evil episode 12

If it weren't for all the horrible grimdark genocide going on, the world of Eclipse Phase would be pretty neat!Sponsor: For the latest news covering the entire tabletop role-playing industry, turn to Roleplayers Chronicle at roleplayerschronicle.com!

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Synopsis: After barely surviving the ordeal in the Cognite bunker near the Somatek facility, the Firewall team must get to their next lead. Unfortunately it’s a Triad held ship in orbit over the moon. As they make arrangements for their ship, the forks left behind on Venus will have to deal with their own problems, with implications that will affect their future operations.  But even after the main crew arranges transportation to the ship, they find one of their past problems coming back to haunt them.

Call of Cthulhu: Delta Green – Operation Eyes Down

Picher Oklahoma is a real place and it is a real fucked up town. News: Support RPPR regular Caleb with his new Kickstarter! This is your chance to get Bryson Springs, Lover in the Ice and other original scenarios.

Synopsis: Delta Green can’t afford to send out agents on every mission. On low priority missions, they use friendlies, who are personnel with mythos experience but have not been inducted into the conspiracy. When an informant tips off Delta Green about a company up to no good in Picher Oklahoma, they send out a team of friendlies to investigate. However, little do they realize that they will stumble upon an ancient war between two mythos factions and that not everyone is entirely honest…

Eclipse Phase: Know Evil episode 11

Go ahead. Quote Planet of the Apes one more time. I dare you. After the chaos of the Robot Uprising in Nectar, the Firewall agents escape to the Somatek habitat to pursue their next lead in the Know Evil conspiracy. There was a Firewall contact at the station, an uplift security chief named Nissum, but he has gone missing. The team must gain entrance into the habitat, track down the missing agent and pursue their investigation. Along the way, they will deal with mercurial uplifts, ape pit fights and a devastating secret that would throw transhumanity into chaos if it became public. Find out what the secret is and what horrors await the agents in this episode of Know Evil!

World of Darkness: Slender Man episode 6

Slender Man's high school portrait. H̜͖͚͕͑̎̊ͪ̔ͦ͋ͯe̢̪͈͚͈̱̎͒̔͆ͨ̎ͧ ̱̥̻̇͊͞a̻̻̟ͧ̎ͨ̄ͩt͖̤̠̜̰̯͔͑̓ͤ̃͂ť͕̳͖̊ͣͥͯ̚͘͢e̥̩̭͚͐ͣ͋ͨ̓̀n̴̛̟̼̐̓̈͗̆͑ͮ̌ͅd̼͍̩̪̃̈e̲͔̬̱̦̞̦ͥ̎̓̓ͬ̓ͣd͙̱̱͈̰͇̝ͫͩ̊͂̐̊̾ ͈͈̟͖̻͖̠̩̂̔͌ͯͯ̃͌́͘ͅẒ̟ͩ̉̇a̢̡̯̥̹̖̽̑ͧ͛ͯ̕l̶̳̣̲̖̇̂g̣̅ͧ̈͑͊͛̄̓͡͞o̸̧̬̮͖̮̣̤̗̳͊ͮ͊ͪ̊ ͎͉ͪ͞H̛̘̝̩͖͔̤̠ͦͫ̓̿ͫ̐ì͒͑ͦ̌̇͂̓͏̳̭̹̖̻̺g͕ͨͫͧͭ̑̑̓͠ḩ̦͕͔̼̮̖̃̾̍͟.̨̬̣̝͍̪̩̥̿̀̄ͯ ̳̖̣̙͇́̂̍̌̈́̑ In this final episode of the Slender Man campaign, the investigators have to deal with a threat at a chemical plant in the Tanner Neighborhood. The battle will be deadly but they may have a few aces up their sleeves.

This was the last session we played of the campaign. I admit I didn’t have an end game planned and I made the mistake of throwing in too many elements to make the game work, I think. If I had kept it a Hunter/Changeling game it might have worked better, but adding in vampires and prometheans because they were cool wasn’t a good idea. However, I did have fun with this game and hope you liked it, even though it was run during the summer of 2010 (as you can tell by the references made in the game).

The Moon fairy tale mentioned in this campaign.