A cluster of enclaves in Missouri faces annihilation at the hands of a massive horde of the undead. Their only hope is to prepare for war, a job for their preeminent taker crew, the D4s. The crew uses an armored vehicle to take the largest scores of valuable goods they can find, no matter what gets in their way, whether it’s undead, human, or mother nature.

This campaign was run from mid 2020 to early 2021.

  • Episode 1: A cluster of enclaves in Missouri faces annihilation at the hands of a massive horde of the undead.
  • Episode 2: The D4s are focusing on scores to build up supplies for the war.
  • Episode 3: The National Guard wants the D4s to escort a group of VIPs to their base and in exchange they will receive a new armored vehicle.
  • Episode 4: Furniture is a valuable commodity in the Loss and the D4s have a lead on an untouched big box store full of it.
  • Episode 5: A large cache of lawn tools is stored in a hedge maze outside of a big box hardware store. 
  • Episode 6: Sometimes the trip to the site is even more dangerous than the job itself, as the D4s discover.
  • Episode 7: The D4s have a new team member, Delta, to help them finish the score they tried last time.
  • Episode 8: The D4s found a cache of valuable technology. But a group of heavily armed bandits hold the computers.
  • Episode 9: The score is at an airport, but something monstrous lurks inside. Unlikely allies may be able to help, but can they be trusted?
  • Episode 10: A rumor of a bigger war rig lures the D4s to an enclave at a nearby lake. Pirates roam the lake, making the enclave distrustful of outsiders.
  • Episode 11: Underground storage facilities are incredibly dangerous but a sufficiently profitable score is enough to draw the D4s inside.
  • Episode 12: A sporting good store contains rare and valuable firearms. Wildlife has claimed the store, making it quite hazardous…
  • Episode 13: The final battle! The horde is here and the D4s make one last stand.

Post Mortem: A discussion of the campaign’s origins and highlights and lowlights