A group of civilians at gate 9 of O’Hare airport were caught as bystanders in a battle between superheroes and villains. The villains transformed the civilians into monsters, which the superheroes quickly reverted. Years later, the government may revoke their citizenship, declaring them legally non-human. In order to protect themselves, they pick through a museum that is actually a secret vault for super power sources. After gaining superpowers, the civilians (now the Gate 9 crew) find themselves caught in adventure after adventure, from saving themselves to saving the world. Season 1: Meet the Crew

  • Episode 1: Some civilians get some bad news and end the day as base raiders, with weird powers and stranger foes.
  • Episode 2: A teleporter in the museum leads the crew to a place they never expected to see.
  • Episode 3: Not all bases are new. An ancient sorcerer’s tomb sails through the skies and the Gate 9 crew wants in.
  • Episode 4: The Gate 9 crew has found a new home, a secret pub called The Brass Door, but they have to defend it first.
  • Episode 5: A daring raid on a government storage facility leads to unexpected complications.
  • Episode 6: The crew travels to a strange dimension and discovers a potential existential threat. Behold the creation of the “Nope” dimension!
  • Episode 7:Idealville, a small town in the middle of nowhere, has a secret. Can the Gate 9 crew uncover it?
  • Episode 8: The Brass Door’s teleporter can now access a hidden Ideal base on Mars. Curiosity will lead the Gate 9 crew there.
  • Episode 9: The struggle for non-human civil rights continues, with a massive protest in Chicago.
  • Episode 10: A trip to New York leads to an encounter with Charon.
  • Episode 11:Genetically engineering fighting animals have been trapped in a massive underground base for years. The Gate 9 crew explores that base.
  • Episode 12: The team runs afoul of a deranged vigilante named Exemplar.

Season 2: Global Tier

  • Episode 13: A year after the Gate 9 crew formed, their problems have only increased!
  • Episode 14: The Biobuddy fighting scene is dangerous but the Gate 9 crew infiltrates it.
  • Episode 15: War between two secretive cults draws in parts of the Gate 9 crew.
  • Episode 16: A giant monster threatens a city and only Gate 9 can stop it!
  • Episode 17: Foot High Science Guy needs equipment found only in the Giant Robot Graveyard.
  • Episode 18: Corner the market in Biobuddies by taking over a rival gym.
  • Episode 19: A battle between warring cults over an artifact draws the Gate 9 crew in.
  • Episode 20: A journey into the underworld leads to a confrontation with strange spirits and more bizarre creatures.
  • Episode 21: The cult of Logos has a stronghold in Hawaii so the Gate 9 crew heads there to steal intel from them.
  • Episode 22: A vault guarded by a powerful mystical being contains an item the crew needs.
  • Episode 23: Rival factions vie for territory in a wasteland. The crew must navigate them in order to secure a powerful weapon.
  • Episode 24: A being of cosmic power threatens the entire world. Only the Gate 9 crew can stop it.
  • Episode 25: Back to the moon for an important mission.
  • Episode 26: The crew faces one final threat. This time, they face a choice they never would have thought possible before.

Special Episodes!

Sparkles’ Big Prison Break Adventure: Sparkles the Unicorn is in prison. Sparkles wants out! Sparkles is going to get out, one way or the other.

April 1 Episode: Take a break by watching a movie. A very special movie.