The worst gangs on Mars deal in stolen egos – stolen digital copies of minds. It’s called soul-trafficking. When a group of soul-trafficked egos in cheap robot bodies escape from the gangs, they realize they must find a new life for themselves. They set themselves up as The Eighth Sea, a new criminal syndicate. By offering their services to larger cartels, the Eighth Sea hopes to make a new life. But some of them are copies of people who already have their own lives, while others have no idea where they came from. Their very existence is a crime but as they dive into the depths of the murky underworld of cartels, they find a shadow war between two incredibly dangerous opponents. They are caught in the middle, but can they overcome both foes? This campaign was played between 2019 and early 2020.

The Resurrectionist: A prologue story about the origins of the Eighth Sea gang.
The Motivator: The second prologue about soul-trafficked egos trying to find a way out.

Episode 1: A group of desperate and ambitious criminals on Mars plan to start their own gang.
Episode 2: The Night Cartel is embroiled in a system-wide gang war with other larger cartels, and the Eighth Sea hopes to profit from the chaos.
Episode 3: The raids on the Night Cartel continue in the second part of the job!
Episode 4: The Eighth Sea has intel on valuable morph design data, which could fetch a high price on the black market.
Episode 5: The heist continues! The Eighth Sea not only wants the morph design data but rare Earth artifacts.
Episode 6: A contact named Calamity wants to meet the Eighth Sea.
Episode 7: The Eighth Sea needs an army, so they’ll have to steal it!
Episode 8: In order to launch an assault on a polar fortress, the Eighth Sea must assemble an army. Quite literally that is.
Episode 9: The Eighth Sea knows how to assault the polar fortress of the Night Cartel.
Episode 10: The Eighth Sea launches the assault! But if the assault fails, the Eighth Sea will be wiped out utterly.
Episode 11: After the polar assault, the Eighth Sea has to lay low to avoid getting caught.
Episode 12: The Eighth Sea has taken the polar base but can they catch the last VIP before they escape?
Episode 13: As part of the Eighth Sea hides on an exoplanet, the other team travels to the Sun to pull off a daring scam.
Episode 14: The Eighth Sea knows the location of an incredibly valuable data cache on Mercury.
Episode 15: The Eighth Sea needs help with the Mercury heist, so they’re going to break a few people out of prison to get their help.
Episode 16: After all of their challenges and preparations, the Eighth Sea is finally ready to pull off the heist of the century!
Episode 17: The Eighth Sea regroups and recovers after the Mercury heist.