A new crew of smugglers start taking jobs in Duskvol. They call themselves the Blind Eyes and specialize in the weird and the occult. As the gang grows in power, they learn of an invisible war for control over the city between supernatural beings and ruthless factions and an incredibly powerful artifact that can change the course of history…

This group portrait of The Blind Eyes by Patsy McDowell. From left to right: Vimes, Salvage, Salty, Flake, and Audra

Baz – Salty / Oberon Matias Declarmont the Spider
Birk – Audra the Whisper
Aaron – Salvage the Leech
Caleb – Flake the Cutter
Bill – Vimes/Seth the Slide

Episode 1: A new crew of smugglers takes on their first job in Duskvol. They call themselves the Blind Eyes and specialize in the weird and the occult.
Episode 2: A medicine show has rolled into Duskvol. The Blind Eyes want to take down the charlatans but defeating a well-organized gang is easier said than done.
Episode 3
: A local and unique sport can only be held if a unique mystical artifact can be brought into the city. Only one crew can pull the job off.
Episode 4
: A dinner party you say? Count the crew in!
Episode 5
: The Blind Eyes must smuggle a humanoid hull into the city, only it has a curious problem.
Episode 6
:  A wedding invitation for the crew! It’s not a social call though.
Episode 7
: The Fog Hounds pose a threat to the crew. They need to be taken down.
Episode 8
: The Blind Eyes want a new ship and turn their gaze towards the wealthy of Whitecrowne.
Episode 9
: A mysterious woman and her unnatural cargo needs to enter Duskvol undetected.
Episode 10
: After their last job, the Blind Eyes have learned of the machinations between two powerful demons.
Episode 11
: The crew now know that a powerful occult artifact is important in the struggle between the two demons. But what is the Soul Engine and where is it?
Episode 12
: A mystery challenges the crew. Can they find out who the spirit warden is?
Episode 13
: The Blind Eyes want to start a war between two powerful factions without anyone knowing they are behind it.
Episode 14
: The Blind Eyes know that a powerful guild of merchants, The Hive, knows the location of a powerful artifact they need.
Episode 15
: Crime does not pay. Or maybe it does. The Blind Eyes go to prison!
Episode 16
: The Blind Eyes have found the Vault of Secrets but now they must break in and find the documents they need.
Episode 17
: More gang wars provoked by the crew.
Episode 18:
A fake soul engine can lead other factions away, so the crew builds one out in the wastes, far from the city.
Episode 19: The Leviathan Hunters own a blood processing facility. The Blind Eyes sneak in to learn their secrets.
Episode 20: Stealing an artifact the size of a train engine and built into a tower is easier said than done.
Episode 21: Demons can only be slain by special weapons, so the crew builds a few of their own.
Episode 22: Inkblood the demon stands in the way. He must be dealt with.
Episode 23: Lord Scurlock may be a vampire but that doesn’t mean he can’t be killed.
Episode 24: Only one enemy remains. The Blind Eyes face their final battle.