SUMMONINGOn a cold night in the winter of 2001, a group of law enforcement agents were given orders to kill a group of criminals the law could not touch. They did so without leaving any evidence of their vigilante murders. Or so they thought. Fifteen years later, they were now part of the Delta Green Special Access Program, a task force within the government to deal with unique problems. When their crimes are discovered, the agents are given one last chance to save themselves. They soon realize they are now part of something far more insidious and powerful they ever imagined. The Program forms Working Group Masticate to study and utilize the agents. The hunt is on…

If you enjoy this campaign, please consider getting the Agent’s Handbook, the Delta Green RPG.

  • Episode 1 (Trigger Warning for Violent Content): The Prologue. A team assembles to take down a cult but their actions have consequences…
  • Episode 2: No one escaped from contact with the supernatural unscathed, not even innocent victims.
  • Episode 3: Working Group Masticate is formed and sent to investigate a series of disappearances related to a new surveillance technology.
  • Episode 4: A corporation in Colorado has been flagged by Delta Green for investigation. Working Group M must find out if it is a dangerous organization and if so, stop them.
  • Episode 5: The corporation is the front for a mythos cult, but they hide their occult nature well and they are too public to simply wipe out. The agents must launch a raid disguised as a standard drug bust in order to bring them down.
  • Episode 6: Working Group Masticate’s handler has disappeared and it is up to the agents to find him. Once they find his last known location, they realize someone or something has lured them there. As the group turns on each other, will they survive the trap?
  • Episode 7: The group looks into a spree killer and discovers reality-defying occult secrets. The deeper they dig, the farther they fall…
  • Post Mortem: A discussion about the campaign, after its conclusion.