A group of mercenaries turned merchants find themselves following an army as it marches to war. Each warrior must earn a fortune by the end of the war if they wish to fulfill their own destiny, but making a profit in a warzone is easier said than done. They will march through dangerous territory, fend off bandits and raiders, make deals, and outfox business rivals. Learn more about the campaign and the various house rules it used in this discussion thread.

  • Episode 1: Origins of Xin’s Crows and the start of the journey.
  • Episode 2: The army marches through the underground kingdom
  • Episode 3: The desert is dangerous, and that’s not counting the bandits.
  • Episode 4: Life is cheap and information is more valuable than gold. Finding the lair of the desert bandits puts lives of the Crows on the line.
  • Episode 5: The Crows take the fight to the bandits with a daring assault on their mountaintop hideout.
  • Episode 6: What is more treacherous than the swamp? The officers who plot against the Great Empire! Only Xin’s Crows can stop them.
  • Episode 7: Finding the traitor requires cunning and subtlety. It will not be easy for the Crows to succeed.
  • Episode 8: Ambush at the river crossing! The Crows must thwart it before it is too late.
  • Episode 9: Cities can be as lethal as the swamp or desert, but not in obvious ways.
  • Episode 10: Xin’s Crows fight to overthrow the pirates in their island stronghold.
  • Episode 11: Armies clash but the fate of the war will be decided by the Crows. A single scheme will save or doom the empire.
  • Episode 12: War may be over, but the journey of the Crows is not over yet. Vo the harrier seeks to rescue her husband from the Grey Sky Horde.
  • Episode 13: When rescue is not possible, revenge is the only course left for Vo. At what price shall she pay?
  • Episode 14: Hikari sets out to win the tournament to win a future for his school of martial arts.
  • Episode 15: All journeys come to an end. The Crows fight a corrupt death cult leader, but will victory bring peace of mind?

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