The crypto enclave Cointract Island is offline. A powerful storm knocked out all communications with the outside world but it’s been silent a bit too long. The first boat back to the island is loaded with mercenaries, lawyers, and a trio of unlikely heroes. They all seek their fortune on the island but first they have to figure out what happened without getting eaten by a genetically engineered creature. What is Cointract Island? Their informational brochure reads:

Cointract Island is a paradise for blockchain tech entrepreneurs and investors. Founded by Cointract DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization), a biotech company, Cointract Island allows for unlimited biotech research and development. Thousands of people live and work on the island, thriving in an environment unrestricted by regulations. Genetically engineered creatures serve the island’s citizens, controlled by cybernetic implants that run crypto software. Buy the right NFT and you can command your own creature!

This campaign was run from March to October 2022. If you want to see maps and some of the monsters on Cointract Island, check out the RPPR Patreon, where Patsy McDowell has made a lot of great campaign artwork.

The Cast

Bridget as Felicia, cat girl bartender
Lydia as Aava Amaranth, cyborg hacker
Fae as ‘Emily);Drop Table;– (AKA Indy), a scrappy scavenger
Ross as the GM


A Night on Cointract Island: A prequel adventure set on the night of the storm that knocked out communications on the island.
Episode Zero: Character creation and fleshing out some campaign details.
Episode 1: The first ship to visit Cointract Island is loaded with mercenaries, lawyers, and three unlikely heroes. What will they find?
Episode 2: The team rescues a reporter investigating the island and encounters a deadly cult.
Episode 3: A raid on the cultist lair.
Episode 4: a boss fight with an evil cyborg.
Episode 5: Hathor and the dryads.
Episode 6: A romantic triangle between a scientist, a bioweapon, and a dryad.
Episode 7: The team meets other survivors and dangerous security robots.
Episode 8: An experimental creature confronts the team in a supermarket.
Episode 9: The heroes find safety at the Resort but also intrigue.
Episode 10: More intrigue and deals at the Resort.
Episode 11: There’s a minigun in this episode.
Episode 12: The IT director has a mission for the team.
Episode 13: A dungeon crawl through a sealed office complex.
Episode 14: More high tech dungeon crawling.
Episode 15: The final battle for control over the island begins!
Episode 16: The real Cat Girl Blues…