The Brutalists – a Red Markets Beta campaign

red-markets-posterPremise: In the post-zombie apocalyptic future, the country is divided between the Recession (where civilization has survived) and the Loss (where the undead roam unchecked). Small enclaves of refugees and survivors live in the Loss, barely clinging to life. One enclave, Le Corbusier, near Chicago, is home to a group of talented freelancers trying to find a way out of the Loss. They will do almost anything for the right price and they are known as the Brutalists. Led by Kowloon, a former architecture post-doc, they are not content to spend their rest of their lives just surviving. They are willing to work for wealthy clients in the Recession in exchange for enough money to eventually retire. With the skills of Malleus, an infected melee specialist, the Mauve Hand, a ruthless negotiator, and IP Williams, an idealistic techie, they think they can handle anything the Loss throws at them…

  • Episode 1: The Brutalists try their first job, which requires a trip to a remote dam. Something unique is hidden inside the structure, but what does their client want them to do?
  • Episode 2: Having discovered the truth about their job, the Brutalists must decide what to do. Caught between a deadly team of snipers, the ruthless black ops team of the government and their client, who will pay and who will die?
  • Episode 3: An enclave wants a horde of zombies released so they can be systemically butchered and looted. The Brutalists are up for the job, with their new ally, Drift. Some raiders might have something to say about the job though.
  • Episode 4: A wealthy father wants to take his son on a zombie hunting safari. The Brutalists are hired as guides for the expedition. The father does have an odd bodyguard though with his own secrets.
  • Episode 5: Justice, of a kind, exists in the Loss. The Brutalists must escort a prisoner to a tribunal site for her trial and punishment. Execution is all but ensured, but the Brutalists realize she may be innocent. Proving her claim is risky but their conscience might be worth the added danger.
  • Episode 6: In order to prove a woman’s innocence, the Brutalists have to venture across into the Recession. It is well-guarded of course, so getting in without raising the alarm will be difficult, to say the least.
  • Episode 7: The workers of a nearby enclave need certain medications in order to keep going. The Brutalists are tasked with delivering them but find out there’s more in the package than medication. Do they become drug traffickers or find a solution to this chemical Gordian Knot?
  • Episode 8: Subcontracting still exists in the Loss. Another group has failed to clear a building of undead, so the Brutalists are hired to finish the job. There’s a reason why the original contractors could not complete the job…
  • Episode 9: The subcontracting job has turned into a potential death trap. An undead horror beyond anything the group has ever seen before lurks inside. The nearby enclave plans to kidnap Kowloon. The government’s black ops team has its own designs.
  • Episode 10: Taking multiple jobs at once is extremely dangerous, but the Brutalists feel like they can handle it. They must travel to a distant enclave before retrieving specific loot from a warehouse for a client. Sounds easy right? Of course it isn’t.
  • Episode 11: It turns out that taking multiple jobs at once is not very easy. Between a horde of the undead and a ruthless cult, the Brutalists have to give everything in order to survive.
  • Episode 12: Distributee is a neighboring enclave currently suffering from political instability. A client wants to make sure the new leadership is more tractable, so the Brutalists are sent to make sure the right leader comes out on top.
  • Episode 13: It turns out that assassinating a political leader is pretty hard to do, so it takes more time to complete.
  • Episode 14: Kowloon is almost ready to retire. He just wants one last score so he can retire as a wealthy entrepreneur, not a working stiff. To get that kind of wealth, the Brutalists will have to raid a convention center for experimental technology abandoned in the Loss. There might be a few complications along the way though.