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Upwind: Out of Curiosity

upwind1You are an Explorer Knight. You are exceptional. Unique in all the Highlands. You’ve survived the Academy, honed your Potential and now wield extraordinary elemental powers. You have stalwart crewmates, great warships, magical Relics and ancient technology all at your command. Even so, can you survive your first voyage into the Twilight Frontier?

The EGS Inquisitive is long overdue and you have been tasked with tracking her into the Twilight Frontier and either leading her home or determining her fate. As every Knight knows, such search and rescue missions most often end with no sign of the missing ships. Or worse still, with the would be rescuers sharing the same fate as the lost…

Upwind is a new RPG in development from Jeff Barber (creator of Blue Planet). You can listen to our character creation segment here. If you enjoyed this game, please consider helping the game’s development by playtesting it now! Read more information in this thread on the RPPR forums.

Base Raiders: Transit

These guys don't show up in the adventure at all, but it does take place in a subway. Deal with it B-)A group of commuters in a New York subway find themselves stranded after crazed robots start attacking the subway station. Fleeing into the tunnels, the commuters stumble across the base of a masked crime boss. What secrets lurk within it? What are the robots after? This scenario was run using new playtest rules for running origin story adventures, when unlikely heroes answer the call to action and gain superpowers to fight evil (or villains gain superpowers for fun and profit, whatever floats your boat.)  Playtest rules are available on the Base Raiders website.

Buy Base Raiders for PDF or print. Email proof of purchase of a print copy to get the PDF.

RPPR Guest Game: The 13th Age – Blood and Lightning!

PLAYTESTING IS SOO AWESOMEMessage from Ross: This is the second of the guest playtest games. Enjoy!

From SageNytell: In this session, we rejoin Jerith the Human Cleric (Upon Whose Skin Is Scriven The Name Of God) played by Graz; Meri… er, Amber Smith the High Elf Rogue (Of The Most Secretive And Deadly Order of Blind Assassins) played by Craig; and Kitterina the Wood Elf Ranger (Whose Ancestors Are Always Watching) as they travel towards a strange new destination – the mysterious Boltstrike Tower, leyline node of the great and powerful Archmage!  They are joined by the disconcertingly popular Sven the Human Barbarian (Surprisingly Not Actually The Hero of Legend, Go Figure, played by Chris) in a fantastic adventure called Blood and Lightning featuring dungeons, dragons, 50’s Scifi tropes, and lots and lots of Sven puns! Afterwards, the players and I discuss our feelings on the playtest and the system as a whole.

P.S. Escalation Edition Pre-order Announced

RPPR Guest Game: The 13th Age: Gobpocalypse!

I FUCKING LOVE ADVENTURING Message from Ross: A RPPR forum-goer, SageNytell, is a playtester of the new fantasy RPG 13th Age. He recorded 2 playtest sessions of this unreleased game and offered it to us. Given what I’ve read about this game, I thought you all might enjoy a sneak preview of it. Let me know what you all think!

From SageNytell:  In this session, we meet Jerith the Human Cleric (Upon Whose Skin Is Scriven The Name Of God, played by Graz); Merisiel the High Elf Rogue (Of The Most Secretive And Deadly Order of Blind Assassins, played by Craig); and Kitterina the Wood Elf Ranger (Whose Ancestors Are Always Watching, played by Rachel).  Our players battle a gang of desperadoes in a deserted ghost town and engage in a desperate struggle for their lives in Gobpocalypse!  Afterwards, the players and I discuss our feelings on the system as a whole. (Spoilers: I used incorrect flanking rules from 3.5, this is fixed for the second session!)

Wild Talents: Zombies and other Caped Cannibals playtest 3

Zombies of the World is now shipping! Buy your copy today!

The final playtest for the upcoming Gencon 2011 Wild Talents game introduces a new group. Tim, Wes and Adam join Caleb and Mike as the newly empowered civilian survivors in the New Arcadia zombie outbreak. With the same basic scenario, what different decisions will they make and how will they respond to the challenges of undead hordes, flesh eating superheroes and a looming nuclear apocalypse? Find out in this episode!