A group of insomniacs with This guy rested his head and look what happened to himdesperate lives find themselves in the Mad City, battling its nightmarish citizens in order to escape and possibly find a way to better their own lives. But can these broken survivors find the power within themselves to succeed? How useful is the power to have your life narrated by a disembodied voice?

This two part adventure was recorded over a year ago and was previously part of the Killsplosion ransom preview Actual Plays.

Slender Man's high school portrait. H̜͖͚͕͑̎̊ͪ̔ͦ͋ͯe̢̪͈͚͈̱̎͒̔͆ͨ̎ͧ ̱̥̻̇͊͞a̻̻̟ͧ̎ͨ̄ͩt͖̤̠̜̰̯͔͑̓ͤ̃͂ť͕̳͖̊ͣͥͯ̚͘͢e̥̩̭͚͐ͣ͋ͨ̓̀n̴̛̟̼̐̓̈͗̆͑ͮ̌ͅd̼͍̩̪̃̈e̲͔̬̱̦̞̦ͥ̎̓̓ͬ̓ͣd͙̱̱͈̰͇̝ͫͩ̊͂̐̊̾ ͈͈̟͖̻͖̠̩̂̔͌ͯͯ̃͌́͘ͅẒ̟ͩ̉̇a̢̡̯̥̹̖̽̑ͧ͛ͯ̕l̶̳̣̲̖̇̂g̣̅ͧ̈͑͊͛̄̓͡͞o̸̧̬̮͖̮̣̤̗̳͊ͮ͊ͪ̊ ͎͉ͪ͞H̛̘̝̩͖͔̤̠ͦͫ̓̿ͫ̐ì͒͑ͦ̌̇͂̓͏̳̭̹̖̻̺g͕ͨͫͧͭ̑̑̓͠ḩ̦͕͔̼̮̖̃̾̍͟.̨̬̣̝͍̪̩̥̿̀̄ͯ ̳̖̣̙͇́̂̍̌̈́̑ In this final episode of the Slender Man campaign, the investigators have to deal with a threat at a chemical plant in the Tanner Neighborhood. The battle will be deadly but they may have a few aces up their sleeves.

This was the last session we played of the campaign. I admit I didn’t have an end game planned and I made the mistake of throwing in too many elements to make the game work, I think. If I had kept it a Hunter/Changeling game it might have worked better, but adding in vampires and prometheans because they were cool wasn’t a good idea. However, I did have fun with this game and hope you liked it, even though it was run during the summer of 2010 (as you can tell by the references made in the game).

The Moon fairy tale mentioned in this campaign.

Slender Man is an outdoorsman.In this episode, the investigators find the Grey Mansion and explore it to learn more about the families. They also have to deal with Little Red Riding Hood and her creator. As the mysteries of the city become deeper and darker, will the heroes ever find a way out?

You are likely to eaten by a grue. The grue is likely to be taken by Slender Man.The investigators have uncovered a conspiracy of four families that has brought great evil upon the city. Each family held a part of an artifact of great power but when they misused it, everyone suffered a terrible fate. In order to stop the Slender Man, the investigators must find the four pieces. One piece is in the Tanner neighborhood, and a strange little girl is more than they realized. What secrets does she hold and is an enemy or ally?

The past is prologue Once upon a time before the light had been born, there was a great darkness that covered the world. Our people could not yet see and we were helpless against the things that did crawl in the darkness. From the cold, hard ground the Great King fashioned guardians and explorers. They were crude and callous nor did they have proper souls like you or I. Yet our Great King made them so they would help us in this time of darkness.

These earthen men did not respond, except for a small band. They were infused with water so they were far greater than the other earthen men, almost as great as us. The Great King set great tasks upon them to bring about the birth of light. With gentle guidance from the first king, highest servant of the Great King, these brave and simple creatures eventually brought forth the light that created our world. The eyes of our people could now see the glory and splendor of everything! The other earthen creatures displeased Great King for their failure and moved to destroy them all yet first king begged for their lives. A few of them had gone above and beyond their limitations. Surely, the others might also transcend their base nature!

Great King saw this and spared the lives of all the lesser species you see today. As for the heroic earthen men, they were granted titles of nobility and became true Grippli, transformed by Great King as a reward for their heroism. They were the first Water Barons and all the heroic water barons you hear of defending our kingdom strive to emulate them.

What’s that? You want to know how the Water Barons saved the light and fought back the darkness? Well, it is a very long story but it all began with a journey to an unexplored continent. You see, the kingdom of the earthen men wanted to colonize a savage land far from their own shores…

-old Grippli creation myth, as transcribed from the stories of an old Grippli king

(The Ruins of Lemuria PDF is now available!)