Wild Talents: Age of Masks at Fear the Con

A group of vigilantes teams up to stop an evil cult’s plans to summon a powerful being from beyond time and space. Unfortunately, there’s more to this plot than meets the eye. This game was run at Fear the Con so thanks to Fear the Boot for letting us run the game!

4E Dungeons and Dragons – The New World Campaign Game 22: The Best Laid Plans

KABOOM explains Watcher On the eve of war, the Water Barons must make their final preparations before Cortez’s army arrives. But which strategy should they employ in their greatest battle thus far? Watcher the fighter favors the ingenious tactic of luring the enemy inside the village then blowing the entire village up. The other characters have mixed reactions to this plan, as can be seen in this picture. Find out what their final plans are in this episode.

Special thanks to Ean Moody for the art!

World of Darkness: Candle Cove

Candle Cove by Ean Moody Candle Cove was a kid’s show in the early 70s that many remember seeing but no one has ever found proof it ever existed. Until now. Three friends find a tape that supposedly contains an episode of the show. Soon after they play the tape, a strange man appears at their doorstep and the three mortals find themselves in a desperate struggle between a dangerous cult and a being beyond comprehension, known only as the ‘Skin Taker’. Enjoy this double length AP as our way of sayings thanks for making the Codex of War ransom!

Special thanks to Ean Moody for the art!