Itras By

Itras By: Night Vale Traditional Games Club

In my headcanon, Night Vale Community Radio actually has more than 1 show  :OIn this special one shot, we try out a new indie RPG called Itras By, but instead of using its setting, we explore the wonderful little desert town of Night Vale! A group of students at the local Community College are members of the Traditional Games club and tonight happens to be board game night! Unfortunately, some of the game pieces from the club’s accursed copy of Chiromagica are missing, so the players must retrieve them from the abandoned Geology building. What possible horrors could confront them there? Plastic bags, perhaps? An unspeakable presence that lurks out of sight, eternally hungry? The Library of books discarded from other libraries? Difficult test questions? Obscure holy texts? There’s only one way to find out…

Download Beyond the Vale, starring Thad, featured in this episode.